In this Portfolio we create projects
in Data Prep, Analysis,
and Visualizations!

Data Analyst Jobs

In this project we utilize Job Postings from Google to understand what skills, experience, and education is required to be hired and grow as a Data Analyst.

Divide Music

In this project we explore and analyze one of my favorite artists on Youtube to discover how well their content is doing and whether we can expect growth for their channel.

Temples Across the USA

In this project we use Python to webscrape Latter Day Saint Temple data to view current information on Temples in the USA.

Provo Meal Input Tool

In this project we create a Tool using R and Shiny to help gather data and show people the different places to eat near Provo Utah.

In this Portfolio we create projects
in R Package and Tableau Extension

Remove Potential Outliers

R package created and used to help remove outliers from a data frame. An outlier is an observation that lies abnormally far away from other values in a dataset. Outliers can be problematic because they can affect the results of an analysis.

Data Table Tableau Extension

Tableau Extension built using R and Shiny to provide a Data Table Visualization to your Tableau Dashboards.